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Palmer Course Hole No. 9

Gold 413 Yards, Blue 394 Yards, Silver 356 Yards, White 319 Yards, Red 290 Yards

Par 4, what you see is what you get. Out of bounds on the right, water on the left. The drive is downhill and you will need all the roll you can get here because there is water also guarding the front of the green. On the plus side, you can see all the trouble, nothing is hidden from you, even the big bunker guarding the green if you manage to just barely carry the water on its front side.

The bail out from a precise, well-struck, and long second shot to a green that is again, inclined from high back to low front, is to a small area to the right of the green, with plenty of rough, numerous trees, and bunkers to discourage over clubbing. Greenside shots on this hole are no bargains, as the severe slope of the green makes estimating the roll of the ball difficult, and three putts common.

This is the kind of hole that makes you determined to practice and become a good putter, because unless you have a super accurate, towering iron shot carrying 170 to 150 yards, you will need all your putting skills to save bogey from 12 to 15 feet, most usually on a sidehill- downhill line.