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Palmer Course Hole No. 8

Gold 404 Yards, Blue 382 Yards, Silver 339 Yards, White 303 Yards, Red 270 Yards

“Ball retrievers are useless here”

This shortish Par 4 is not to be taken lightly, even more so because as players look down the seemingly very wide fairway, one may not account for the big, big mango trees on the left or the wide wide bunkers on the right. Players should also note that the rest of the wide fairway is covered in nasty, thick rough.

One cannot hit the ball too far down past the 150 yard marker either, because the closer you get to the hole, the steeper the downhill lie gets for the approach. Over a wide pond to the very edge of the green, which is severely canted from top left to bottom right, with nothing but bunkers waiting in the back.

One cannot exaggerate how fast the putts are on this green. The downhill putts are, of course slick, almost like they have a mind of their own. Like putting on the roof a VW beetle, and making it stop on the emblem right at the edge of the hood. This green is so fast that even uphill putts are fast. This green is so fast that you need Velcro on your coin to mark your ball, otherwise it slides right down.

This green is so….. let’s move on to the next hole.