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Palmer Course Hole No. 7

Gold Yards, 199 Blue 179 Yards, Silver 152 Yards, White 132 Yards, Red 86 Yards

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Tough looking Par 3 hole. And it plays as testy as it looks scenic.

Most of the time, there is a strong wind right into your face.

There is big water all across the front of the green. There is a huge mango tree to the right, and many more to the left and the back of the green.

Your tee shot must be gauged accurately to keep the wind from taking it, to have enough distance to cross the water, and to stay short of the bunkers on the back of the green. Otherwise, you will have to blast out of sand into a downslope, with water waiting on the other side.

As is routine with the Palmer putting areas, fast, breaking, downhill putts are easy to come by. Those who are meticulous in where they place their shots for their first putts are rewarded generously.

Pay attention and be careful with this hole. Especially if you were treated badly by the previous hole.