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Palmer Course Hole No. 3

Gold 455 Yards, Blue 359 Yards, Silver 352 Yards, White 330 Yards, Red 303 Yards

“Honeymoon Hole”

Easy hole. Wide, wide fairway. Bunkers on the left are not a problem, there is enough room on the right to hit even an imperfect drive. It’s not a long hole, although approach shots are uphill, with bunkers all over the right side of the putting green.

The only way one can get into trouble here is to hit a towering hook over the left side wall, or a grand slice to the right over the distant fence. Or top your tee shot to the left hillside rough where your ball will be way below your feet, if you can see it in the thick grass.

Other than that, there are no threats for approach shots that are hit a bit left to the green to avoid those nasty bunkers on the right. To compensate for the relative lack of fairway challenges, this green has enough of them. The green falls away from the edges, to confound any short-side pitches or chips. There is a ridge in its middle, so there could be uphill and downhill putts with considerable breaks on both sides, regardless of where the hole is cut. Putter beware – downhill putts may be against the grain, so on this hole you are better trusting your caddie’s experience over your ability to guess.