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Palmer Course Hole No. 18

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Depending on how your round is going, the last hole could be thru the gates of paradise or to the long line of the tollbooths of C5 on a Friday payday commute.

The Palmer 18 is a long Par 5 dogleg right that is a minefield riddled with hazards that can still derail a decent or even better than average round.

There are substantial bunkers to the left of the fairway, forcing you to consider the right side which slopes down into the stream that runs all along the corner of the dogleg.

Shortcutting across the dogleg is no bargain, because if you manage to carry it off, your stance will still be uneven or sidehill, with your ball likely in the thick rough of the grass.

The more prudent scheme would be to drive safely over the middle bunker, then from a level lie there hit somewhere past the 150 marker, and settle for having to hit an accurate uphill third shot over an endless row of white sand glaring in the hot sun.

If you can’t carry the middle bunker with your drive, playing short of it is not a bad option. This will let you stay in the middle of the fairway after your second shot, and safely at the mouth of the green for your fourth. Par or bogey is not at all bad for this long, tight, uphill, windy hole.

Try not to get into any of the bunkers, definitely do noteven think of coming near the water in the corner, and use enough club for your third shot to negotiate the wind, the sand furies, the uphill green, and your tired legs and your hungry stomach.

Try not to let your exhaustion show. Remember, the veranda of the clubhouse, the Golf Lounge, and the clubhouse restaurants are all watching you putt out, shake hands with your flight, and pull your wallet out to pay for your losses.

There is always a next time!