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Palmer Course Hole No. 17

Gold 405 Yards, Blue 384 Yards, Silver 348 Yards, White 318 Yards, Red 280 Yards

This Par 4 is another of the truly challenging holes of the Palmer course.

There is nothing good along the left side of the tees. There is a barely visible bunker below the left embankment, which if you unfortunately have to come and visit it, turns out to be the size of a cement mixer.

We told you evil things lurk on the left side. There’s mud and a gully there, and big old mean leafy and branchy acacia trees that don’t give your approach shot any chance, not even if you take a 2-clublength drop for a penalty.

Try and hit your drive left of the fairway bunkers visible from the tees.

There is plenty of room there for a level stance, because you need to hit a really solid second shot over water, uphill, into the wind, over a bunker and onto a severely canted green. Anything less will leave you a pitch shot with an uneven stance, a ball in rough grass into a barely visible putting surface.

There is one easy thing to remember on this green – downhill putts are, you guessed it, fast. Uphill putts are slow, so hit it give it enough and firm. But if you, guess what, you’ve got another downhill putt.