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Palmer Course Hole No. 16

Gold 206 Yards, Blue 187 Yards, Silver 168 Yards, White 150 Yards, Red 140 Yards

This par 3 is normally the longest of all the par 3 holes, usually playing at 175 yards. Usually into a tough headwind.

There are huge bunkers in front, about the size of a tennis court and shaped like a sunbathing octopus, with mango trees beside it by the green, for good measure. The left side is open, no bunker to contend with but usually too far from the pin placement.

There is no way around a solid par except to hit a shot over the massive bunker into usually stiff winds. Of course, one can always pitch up and putt down for a bargain par, but anything into the sand is a likely bogey.

The long term smart plan of attack here is to over club on your tee shot, as there is no meaningful hazard in the back of the green. Some players, on really windy rounds, hit driver here over the green and come back for a sure bogey and some times, a lucky par.