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Palmer Course Hole No. 14

Gold 516 Yards, Blue 485 Yards, Silver 468 Yards, White 445 Yards, Red 394 Yards

A medium length Par 5 that doglegs right, around a bunker and mango trees at the corner of the leg, this is a clever hole that can be attacked just as cleverly as well. Stick to the left of the wide fairway, do not be tempted to drive near the hole, past the bunker and the trees.

From there, a smooth, well-struck fairway wood can safely and easily get past the 150 marker, regardless of wind directions and hardness or softness of the fairway. This strategy will always leave you with a third shot of around 100 yards to the green. The bunker in front of it will actually force you to hit your approach with a higher trajectory past the bunker and hold the green. It is a large green with only one bunker to contend with. One can even leave the third shot safely off to the sides or the back of the green and still get up and down easily for a par.