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Palmer Course Hole No. 13

Gold 385 Yards, Blue 360 Yards, Silver 341 Yards, White 320 Yards, Red 265 Yards

The easiest par 6 in the world.

Let’s not get superstitious with the number of this hole. It has nothing to do with luck. More to do with nerve. Or smarts.

It’s short (340 from the blues), but narrow and narrower and narrowest as it gets closest to the green. Out of bounds to the left. Water all the way to the right. The gutless shot is to hit a fairway wood or a hybrid down somewhere near the 150 marker, leaving another hybrid to the mouth of the green. Finding the small green surrounded by bunkers is like finding a par in a sand stack (“a needle in a haystack”, get it?).

Presuming you are not playing four on the fairway because of your OB or playing three because of your drop by the hazard, one can reasonably hole out from there in three strokes, for a seven or a six.

Like we said, this is the easiest par 6 in the world.