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Palmer Course Hole No. 10

Gold 403 Yards, Blue 373 Yards, Silver 352 Yards, White 330 Yards, Red 290 Yards

Unofficial Member Rating – “Stay away from that bunker"

By this time, we all know that the more beautiful a Palmer hole looks, the more treacherous it is. Welcome to the Palmer back nine. You have just put on a fresh shirt, washed your face in the lounge, and ready to give back to the course a taste of its own medicine.

The drive here is to the side of a hill from high right to low left. The bunkers on the right at the top of the slope provide a good aiming point- just left of these will give the ball a good kick to the middle safely away from the lake still behind the lake and a bunker as big as an SM mall that covers the whole front slope.

Even long hitters are in a quandary here. An all out drive will be too long, and can reach the water, especially when the ground is dried up and the down slopes can keep the ball rolling to the duck pond. Although it is not difficult to come within a short iron to the green, the lies will be downhill, and easy to catch fat into the duck pond or to catch thin and skull it into that bunker only a sadist would place where it is.

This hole I very similar to that nasty hole number 8, only meaner close to being obscene, because no 8 does not have that bunker from hell guarding the green and catching any iron shot short of beautiful, brave, and lucky.

Well, maybe the green on this hole is not as precarious as the green on number 8, but it’s close. The reads are not difficult, but the exact putting stroke and touch to avoid three putting. Or worse.