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Golfers Lounge

Golfers Lounge
This is the hub of the food and beverage service of The Orchard. It is open at the crack of dawn – serving steaming hot coffee and hearty breakfast fare to golfers fortifying themselves for their rounds. The Golfers Lounge is steps away from the Bag Drop, is the first destination from the finishing greens of the Palmer and the Player courses. It is adjacent to the men’s lockers and the ProShop.
The Golfers Lounge has an open central grill, with an array of home cooking dishes ready for serving, in the grand Pilipino tradition of point-point ordering (turo-turo).
Recently, in addition to a major remodeling that configured to
Improve the sightlines from the Lounge to the green and fairway of the Palmer 18, an additional putting green adjacent to the Lounge’s outermost tables has been maintained not so much for practice as for putting games by golfers relaxing after their rounds.