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Gary Player Course Hole No. 18

Gold 503 Yards, Blue 481Yards, Silver 458 Yards, White 418 Yards, Red 407 Yards A strong tee shot right down the middle will set up a possible two onto this short par five. But beware of straying too far off the center line as the fairway is choked at mid-point by large dark mango trees. … Read more

Gary Player Course Hole No. 17

Gold 449 Yards, Blue 429 Yards, Silver 420 Yards, White 405 Yards, Red 386 Yards Lond is a good word to keep in mind here. Avoid the temptation to hug the left side of the fairway as most shots there will follow the slope further left and into the hazzard or at best a difficult … Read more

Gary Player Course Hole No. 16

Gold 381 Yards, Blue 319 Yards, Silver 299 Yards, White 275 Yards, Red 244 Yards Avoid the bunkers at the squeeze point by hitting a strategic iron or fairway wood off the tee. A short iron will follow. The green is long and narrow so keep pin position in mind. Also be wary of the … Read more

Gary Player Course Hole No. 15

Gold 465 Yards, Blue 441 Yards, Silver 412 Yards, White 390 Yards, Red 363 Yards Carrying the large fairway and staying left of the trees is the challenge here if you want a reasonable shot into the deep undulating green. Make sure you lay back from the small stream that is at the bottom of … Read more

Gary Player Course Hole No. 14

Gold 179 Yards, Blue 160 Yards, Silver 154 Yards, White 140 Yards, Red 128 Yards Playing longer than the card, this uphill par three usually requires one more club than you think. Watch the wind here and be careful with distance. The green is rather shallow.

Gary Player Course Hole No. 13

Gold 357 Yards, Blue 340 Yards, Silver 322 Yards, White 285 Yards, Red 251 Yards Drive the ball straight and short of the water, which is play of the tee. Almost all second shots will be from a sloping donwhill lie and it will take a well played approach with bite to stay on this … Read more

Gary Player Course Hole No. 12

Gold 610 Yards, Blue 562 Yards, Silver 532 Yards, White 509 Yards, Red 480 Yards 610 Yards 562 Yards 532 Yards 504 Yards A narrow split fairway adds to the drama of this long par five. Position is everything, but length off the tee and for the second shot is also important. The landing area … Read more

Gary Player Course Hole No. 11

Gold 163 Yards, Blue 159 Yards, Silver 155 Yards, White 151 Yards, Red 100 Yards Railroad ties set into the face of the deep bunker from the left can kick a short shot into the deep rough or even out of bounds, so take enough club. The green has quite a bit of movement from … Read more

Gary Player Course Hole No. 10

Gold 426 Yards, Blue 391 Yards, Silver 375 Yards, White 367 Yards, Red 324 Yards A long and precise drive in the right center of the fairway will set up the best approach to this smallish green. Stay away from the huge bunker along the left.

Gary Player Course Hole No. 9

Gold 578 Yards, Blue 538 Yards, Silver 510 Yards, White 500 Yards, Red 462 Yards Bunkers guarded the right side. Challenge them and risk a high number. The left side is wide open and there is only one bunker guarding the side of the green. Only risk the intermediate bunker on the right on our … Read more