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Brown is Our Responsible Green

What does the Orchard mean by its conservation slogan –
”Brown is Our Responsible Green”


It means that the Orchard is always finding better ways for environmental sustainability. To use less water and consume less power to run our pumps, less fuel in running our mowers and tractors, less herbicides and pesticides that we test routinely so they don’t leach into the grounds and aquifers.

Why such a big fuss over maintaining only two golf courses?

Global warming and climate change, out-of-control pollution, endangered resources, overpopulation, and even harsher weatherconditions. We will be our own victims if we don’t move and do our share now.

In August, the NOAA CPC predicted that the 2015-2016 El Niño “could be among the strongest in the historical record dating back to 1950.”*(Bremmer, Charles, Times of London 2015)

How can we support the Orchard and share our responsibilities for sustainability?

The Orchard is minimally maintainig most of the rough and out-of-play areas in our two courses. Only the tee boxes, the fairways, and the greens will continue to be cultivated and kept green. The rest of the courses will be allowed to turn into their natural brown. So, letting lush green courses turn into natural brown landscape is behind our slogan – Brown is Our Responsible Green.

And we are not alone in this endeavor. Even the most prestigious and traditional courses abroad have embraced this responsible practice. Northern California’s Poppy Hills and the LA Golf & Country Club* lead by example, not to mention Pinehurst No 2 and Chambers Bay – sites of the last two US Open Championships.


Of the two courses at the Orchard, the Player course is expected to turn more “brown” than the Palmer, because it depends more on water from deep wells, whereas the Palmer is irrigated by surface water, which is more available thru the seasons.

Members of the Orchard can support our cause by informing their guests, friends, and others who may be critical of how our courses look, of the ecological necessities of reducing water, power, and pesticide usage, of how we protect large areas as wildlife sanctuaries and habitats, and that the “browning” of Orchard does not affect the playability and enjoyability of everyone’s golf game.

What other steps has the Orchard been taking to promote environmental sustainability?

The Orchard practices what it preaches. We have converted to LED bulbs years ago. We have been continuously evaluating solar power systems that make economic sense. Most of our grooming products for lockers, salons, spas, and bathrooms are certified organic. We filter and purify drinking water to ensure safety for everyone on the premises. We avoid the use of plastic and synthetics where and when recyclable materials can be adopted. We reduce exhaust and noise pollution with a 100% electric golf car fleet.

This is the first in a series of informative sharing by The Orchard to make all of us fully aware of this very important and initiative.

Let us do what we can to make our world a better place as we leave it for our next generations.